WINE, CHOCOLATE & REDOX ~ A New Category of Health & Wellness

WINE, CHOCOLATE & REDOX ~ A New Category of Health & Wellness

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Come drink wine, and eat chocolate antioxidants, while hearing about a scientific health care discovery called REDOX Signaling Molecules (RSM)!

• Do you wonder about the quality of your or someone else's health?
• Are you concerned about the effects of aging?
• Do you have a desire to increase your athleticism in 2019?

Then you simply must learn about the importance of Redox Signaling Molecules ...

RSM is proven to support the cellular health of our hormones, cardiovascular system, digestion, immune system, and inflammatory response! Whether you're 25, 95, or somewhere in between...whether you're a couch potato or an Olympic athlete, RSM benefits all living beings from people to pets!

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves, so why are so many people sick and tired?

Here's the key ... Our bodies make Redox Signaling Molecules naturally ... when we are babies we have trillions of them. As we age and are exposed to the toxins on this planet, our supplies get diminished and we become deficient. That is simply not a good thing.

If health is important to you, Redox Signaling Molecules (RSM) are simply something you MUST be aware of.

Join us and sample new products containing RSM ~ 9 out of 10 people begin to feel results immediately. Come learn why Redox Signaling Molecules are taking the health care world by storm.

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Hosted by Dr. Chris Kammer & Lori Daniel Falk

Dr. Chris Kammer
For more than 20 years, Dr. Chris Kammer has been at the forefront of emerging technologies and approaches in dentistry, and has become America's most active advocate for the "oral systemic" approach of disease prevention. Dr. Kammer has spent his career introducing and implementing technologies that have revolutionized dental treatment - changing lives and improving systemic health. His work with the oral systemic approach, a recent movement in medicine and dentistry that improves general health by optimizing oral health, has helped many of his patients gain increased resistance to chronic disease, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, some types of cancer, and Alzheimer's, as well as pre-term birth, and obesity.

Lori Daniel Falk
Thought Leader, Lori Daniel Falk is a Health & Wellness Coach and Visionary Artist. Her new Epigenetic Rx's take a look at your Emotional DNA and how it is impacting your prospective health and well being. These Epigenetic Rx's are simply a practical application of the "Science of Epigenetics." Lori has also been gifted with a new art form that is encoded with emotional healing energy. These portraits have found homes in over twenty-six countries around the world and have graced the covers of numerous magazines. You might just refer to her as the perfect blend of "science and spirituality." Her art, products and services are available at

Posted by: Lori Daniel Falk