Yoga & Healthy

Yoga & Healthy

UW of Stevens Point, Dreyfus University Center, Legacy Room

1520 Wheeler Road
Stevens Point , WI 53704

Yoga is one of the top ten complementary and integrative health approaches used among U.S. adults. Over 36 million Americans practice yoga, with 20 percent of them over the age of 60. Although the healthy aging population is increasingly utilizing yoga as an alternative wellness practice, there is a large portion of this population that is not accessing the benefits of yoga. At the same time, injuries for this demographic are also increasing due to risk factors contributing to falls. Learning about the risks and benefits of teaching yoga to this community is important for yoga teachers, yoga practitioners and health care educators or facilitators.

This four-hour workshop on yoga and aging will explore the major challenges the healthy aging population experience, including dementia, pain management, strokes, fall prevention, arthritis, and current research. The workshop will introduce safe and effective ways to incorporate yoga as a potential wellness tool.

Learning Outcomes
Develop a clearer understanding of what yoga is and is not.
Explore the current research landscape on yoga and fall prevention.
Learn safe and effective yoga and fall prevention tools for working with the healthy aging population.

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Posted by: Eileen Schutte