Your Body: Learn It, Move It, Relieve It! - Part of the

Your Body: Learn It, Move It, Relieve It! - Part of the

Mutual Aid Workspace - at the Social Justice Center

1202 Williamson St.
Madison, WI 53703

This class is part of the Health and Well-Being series offered by members of MAWC at the Mutual Aid Network of Madison's Mutual Aid Workspace. *

This class will offer:

BASIC anatomy in every-day language and BASIC (but POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE), INTERACTIVE and EASY tips to help you MOVE (sit, stand, work and play) better. Also, learn easy SELF-PAIN MANAGEMENT.

RSVP to so that I may plan for:
-Take-home handouts
-Take-home treatment tool!

- Cash donation to the Mutal Aid Workspace OR
- Dane County TimeBank Hours (2) to the Madison Area Wellness Collective.

- Your curiosity
- Your questions
- Something to write with

Thank you! I hope to see you there!

*Other workshops include:

June 9 with Annie Bachmann: "Healing Ourselves and Creating a Bright Future for the World" - This lively interactive workshop is designed for people who dream and work for peace, justice and a better world to experience how much our intentions, images, and words influence our life, relationships and the world. It will include a variety Buddhist-based unique exercises of self-reflection, dialogue, meditation, and hands-on shiatsu to increase our capacity to heal ourselves and others. No previous knowledge or experience required. Suggested donation of $5-20. Your choice of where it goes - Mutual Aid Workspace and/or Earth Caravan.
Annie Bachmann is a holistic healer and instructor, novice monk, organic gardener, and Earth Caravan activist. She trained for 5 years in Kyoto, Japan to learn Tao Shiatsu therapy with Buddhist monk Ryokyu Endo. Annie offers healing treatments and classes at the Tao Sangha Healing Center in the Atwood neighborhood.
For more information call or text: 608-257-4663 and visit or

June 23 with Curtis Ryals of Madison Hypnosis Center: "Hypnosis for Wellbeing" - Curtis Ryals of the Madison Hypnosis Center will be presenting in the Madison Area Wellness Collective's, " Wellbeing Series: Health and Resilience of Body and Mind. Curtis will discuss how the natural state of hypnosis can be used to promote health and wellbeing in a natural way. "Hypnosis for Wellbeing" will offer the basics of what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it can be used to manage anxiety, change health habits, promote weight loss, and manage pain. Attendees will have the option to participate in a brief guided meditation (hypnosis).

June 30 with Iris Mickey - "Yoga Tools for Stress Management : Join Certified Yoga Therapist, Iris Mickey, for breathing practices and Yoga Nidra, a guided meditation for deep healing and relaxation."

Posted by: Susan Frikken